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  • Hip Dysplasia Warnings
    Watch for Warning Signs of Hip Dysplasia for Early Treatment Hip dysplasia is a problem that can affect both dogs and cats, with large dog breeds being at a higher risk. Read more
  • Which Dog Breed is Right for You
    It's All in the Breed Being a dog owner is rewarding and fun. However, not all dogs are the best choice for all people. Breed is a key factor in determining Read more
  • Pet Dental
    Why Pet Dental Care Is Important For Your Furry Animal Have you ever brushed your dog's teeth? Do you regularly inspect your cat's gums? You may not have considered these healthy Read more
  • Ear infections
    Preventing And Treating Ear Infections In Your Pet Pets can get sick just like people, and one of the problems they can face is ear infections. At Oaks North Animal Hospital Read more
  • Pet Exams
    What to Expect from Pet Exams If you’re new to pet parenting, you may be unfamiliar with pet exams. Pet wellness exams can help keep your pet healthy throughout his Read more