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Oaks North Animal Pet Exams

Just like a physical for you or your child, dogs, cats, and other pets need to be seen by their veterinarian on a regular basis to make sure that their health and development is on schedule what it should be based on their age and breed. At Oaks North Animal Hospital, we take all pet exams seriously, whether your pet is coming in for an annual check-up, or if your pet has specific symptoms that have concerned you and needs treatment for a specific condition. In all examinations, good communication is key to make sure that your pet has the most positive experience possible.

Making the Most of Your Pet Exams

Your pet's annual exam with the veterinarian provides an opportunity for them to look closely at your cat or dog and determine any issues they may have with their health and prescribe appropriate treatment. For some pets, this may amount to checking vital signs, inquiring about your pet's appetite and energy levels, and reviewing any vaccinations or boosters your pet may be due to receive. In many ways trips to the veterinarian for his dog exams or cat exams are not much different from when you head to your own doctor, except that at our San Antonio veterinary hospital you will be expected to answer for your pet.  At Oaks North Animal Hospital in San Antonio, we may ask about certain aspects of your pet's lifestyle including:

  • What food they eat and appetite
  • Exercise habits
  • Energy level
  • Moodiness
  • Skin issues, such as sores or itchiness
  • Dental Problems
  • Hair loss beyond normal shedding
  • Behavioral issues 
  • other concerns

Based on the vet examination, their vaccination history,  and your report of what is going on at home, your pet may get new vaccinations or boosters during their visit. They may also undergo other common treatments, such as a heartworm check.

A San Antonio Veterinary Hospital For All Your Pets

Finding a San Antonio veterinary hospital may seem like an easy task, but it is harder to find one that cares more about your pet than Oaks North Animal Hospital. We treat dogs, cats, rabbits, guinea pics, and some birds,, because we know how much every pet matters in your life. Whether you suspect your pet is ill, or it is just time for a check-up, Oaks North Animal Hospital is here to provide you with the care your pet needs.  To learn more or to schedule an appointment, contact Oaks North Animal Hospital in San Antonio, TX at (210) 697-9585.