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Pet Dermatology


If your pet is experiencing skin problems, you may be wondering what's causing their itching, irritation, or other issues. Fortunately, our animal hospital is equipped with dermatology services to help your pet feel better faster. At Oaks North Animal Hospital in San Antonio, TX, we have years of experience identifying and addressing pet dermatology issues. If you are searching online for a vet near me, you've found what you're looking for. Clearing up your pet’s skin problems will significantly improve your pet’s quality of life.

What Kind of Skin Problems Do Pets Have?

Pets can have many of the same kinds of skin problems we do. They can develop allergies and rashes, and they can suffer from cuts, abrasions, and other irritations. Sometimes, pets develop serious problems like skin cancer. By treating any issues with your pet's skin, you'll be helping them have a healthier, happier, and potentially longer life. Some skin issues are easy to diagnose, while other issues are more difficult to address. Our veterinarian will evaluate your pet’s condition, identify any skin problems, and perform treatment promptly.

How Can a Vet Help With Skin Issues?

Depending on the skin problems your pet's having, it might be something easy to fix, or it could be more complicated. If you recently changed your pet's food, for example, an allergy might be causing their itching or other skin issues. But it's generally better not to guess since that could lead to treatments that aren't effective or your pet getting worse instead of better. When you work with our veterinarian to find the true cause of the allergy or other problem with your pet's skin, you get your pet the kind of help they need to get back to enjoying life by your side again.

Animal Hospital in San Antonio, TX

If you're still searching online for a vet near me, look no further. Our veterinarian will evaluate your pet’s condition, identify any skin issues they are experiencing, and provide the corresponding treatment. For more information on common pet skin problems or to schedule an appointment with our veterinarian, call us today at (210) 697-9585.