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Pet Boarding

Are you a resident of San Antonio, TX, and have a pet that needs to have surgery? Are you going away for a bit and need to have someone watch over your furry friends? Bring your pets to Oaks North Animal Hospital and have them boarded overnight. Boarding can help make things easier for both you and your pets.

Pet Boarding

Excellent Level of Care

If you have a friend or family member simply coming by to feed your pets while you’re away, that means that there will be a good amount of time where your pets are left alone. That's not going to be the case when you board them here.

We spend a lot of time monitoring the pets that stay with us. Our staff makes sure all of our furry guests get plenty of attention and love throughout the course of the day. That includes taking them for regular walks and ensuring that they get a lot of exercise.

As far as feeding goes, we make sure that they have regular meals and that your pets are always hydrated, especially on those hot summer days here in Texas. We'll also help them socialize with other animals so that they don't feel lonely.

Ready for Emergencies

One thing that people always worry about while traveling is that something will happen to their pets while they are away. If you board your pets with us and any medical situation arises, we have state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment that can help us figure out what to do right away. You won't ever have a scenario where a friend or family member has to rush your pet to the vet when you board your pets, because we'll be right there and able to start diagnosis and treatment right away.

The best thing about boarding your pets with us is that we have people on staff who are experienced in handling all kinds of animals. We know exactly how to treat your pets and will make them feel welcome and loved from the very second that they are here.

Your pet will be in good hands with us throughout their entire stay with us. We will also keep you posted about what is going on and the condition of your pets. Once your vacation is over, you can have a joyful reunion at the end of your pets’ stay.

At Oaks North Animal Hospital, we have staff that are ready to provide veterinary care for all the pets of San Antonio, TX.