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Vomit and Diarrhea

If your pet is suffering from excessive vomiting or diarrhea, our team at Oaks North Animal Hospital can help. At our San Antonio animal hospital, we offer a wide variety of solutions to help your pet deal with vomiting and diarrhea. Our veterinarian, Dr. Laurie Richardson, and our professional staff believe in providing a pleasant, inviting atmosphere for both pets and owners. We offer a mix of professional experience and state-of-the-art equipment for effective wellness care and treatment of a wide variety of health-related issues.


Understanding Pet Vomit and Diarrhea

Dogs and cats can start vomiting or having diarrhea for a variety of reasons. Accidental poisonings are one common cause, and your dog or cat could also develop a food allergy that leads to these symptoms. Profuse or prolonged episodes of vomiting or diarrhea could also indicate that your dog or cat has picked up a virus, parasite, or bacterial infection.

When You Should Start Worrying About These Symptoms

Most dog or cat owners will occasionally deal with a single episode of vomiting or diarrhea. This tends to occur if your dog or cat eats something that doesn’t settle well in its stomach. However, you’ll typically want to be concerned if it happens more than once. Repeated episodes of these symptoms could be a sign that your pet has a serious condition that could require professional care. A dog or cat that can’t keep food or water down is also at risk of developing dehydration and may need emergency care.

What Our Vet Can Do to Help Your Dog or Cat

When your dog or cat vomits or has diarrhea, your first step is to look around the house and your pet’s play area to see if you can find any evidence that he or she got into something that could make them sick. If you suspect poisoning, then immediately bring your animal to our animal hospital so that our veterinarian can start taking action to prevent more severe symptoms from developing. You might also want to take note of any interactions that your dog or cat had with other animals. For instance, staying at a kennel could put your pet at risk of catching a contagious disease. Let our team know of any changes that occurred in your pet’s life recently that could have led to him or her developing the symptoms.

Visit Us for Quality Pet Care from Our Veterinarian in San Antonio, TX

When you bring your dog or cat to Oaks North Animal Hospital in San Antonio, our veterinarian will provide a thorough assessment of your pet’s current health to identify the potential causes of excessive diarrhea or vomiting. Depending on the cause, we might prescribe your animal antibiotics or other medications to treat the underlying reason for their condition. Contact our veterinary team today to schedule your pet’s next appointment or for emergency pet care.