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Flea and Tick Control

A dog or cat could contract a flea or tick problem at any time, regardless of the weather. You may harbor a parasite inside of your home, leading to a potential infestation. If you notice your pet is struggling with parasites, contact Oaks North Animal Hospital in San Antonio, TX, to make an appointment with our veterinarian, Dr. Richardson. We have put together some points to consider when dealing with a flea and tick problem.


Know the Signs of a Parasite Problem

It is important to know what fleas and ticks look like so you can seek treatment for your pet if it is needed. Fleas are small parasites, usually brown or black, which can jump and crawl. They look somewhat like dark-colored sesame seeds. Ticks resemble spiders when they are unattached to an animal. When they take an animal as a host, however, they will fill with blood and feel smooth to the touch. Your pet is likely to scratch at its coat if it has a flea or tick problem. Fleas will cause extreme itchiness, while ticks can cause inflammation and soreness if they attach to a host.

Take Steps to Avoid Parasites on Your Pet

If you allow your pet to spend time outdoors, he or she will be more at risk of picking up a flea or tick infestation. Before you bring your cat or dog back indoors, spot-check the fur for the presence of parasites. Use a flea comb to help manage the fur. If a tick is observed, it can be removed with a set of tweezers or our veterinarian will remove it during a visit to our office. 

Take the time to tend to your property to keep parasite numbers at a minimum. Inside of your home, be sure to vacuum regularly to remove any flea eggs, larvae, and adult parasites. Launder your pet's bedding in hot water routinely as well. These measures will aid in breaking the life cycle of fleas if they have infested your pet.

Get Urgent Pet Care When Necessary

If your pet has an infestation of fleas or if a tick is causing discomfort, our veterinarian will provide urgent care. We will conduct a full evaluation to determine whether your pet is struggling with any medical conditions and will provide the appropriate treatment as needed. If fleas or ticks are detected, medication will be provided to deal with the existing problem and to prevent future infestations. If you live in or around San Antonio, TX, call Oaks North Animal Hospital today at (210) 697-9585 to schedule an appointment with our veterinarian.