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Urgent Care

What Is Pet Urgent Care?

Pets are like family. Making sure they are healthy is an essential part of their day to day care. We cannot be certain when they will be injured or when they may need special, immediate care. For those in the San Antonio, TX area, Oaks North Animal Hospital is a great option for residents looking for a "vet near me." 


What Is Urgent Care?

Routine vet visits are a major part of caring for your pet, but emergency care during acute trauma can be just as important. When your pets fall ill, when they are injured, or when they need care that falls outside the realm of their normal visits, it essential to find veterinary care. Urgent care is any care that might be needed on a moment's notice, or in matters of life or death. 

When Does a Pet Need Urgent Care?

There are really no definitive yes or no answers to when your pets need urgent care. In cases where you believe your pets are in danger, where you believe that they are in pain, or if they cannot wait for an appointment, then they need urgent care. Often times, pets that have been injured or that have been hurt are perfect candidates for urgent care situations. Pets that are sick or that are in need of care because they are not feeling well may need urgent care. Similarly, pets that are under supervision for illnesses and that have taken a turn may need urgent care. It truly is up to the owner to determine if a pet is going to benefit from urgent care or if they can wait for a scheduled appointment, but it's never a bad idea to call and ask a veterinarian for input.  

What Services Are Offered for Urgent Care?

In most cases, your vet is going to offer a full range of services to pets brought in under urgent care circumstances. Your vet is going to be able to do x-rays, ultrasound, physical exams, blood work, and any other test needed to determine what is going on with your pets. Urgent care is sometimes necessary to get your pets the care they need, but urgent care cannot replace all the good routine visits do for a pet. 

For those in the San Antonio, TX area, Oaks North Animal Hospital can help your pet get all the urgent care that they need to be safe and to be happy so that you can rest easy. For more information you can visit us online.