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Microchipping FAQs

 When you adopt a pet, it is your responsibility to ensure it is happy and healthy. Your new pet needs a stable home with a routine to help it feel safe. Aside from the normal things your pet needs, you may consider having your pet microchipped in case it gets lost. Our veterinarian in San Antonio has gathered a few questions that we run into regarding pet microchipping.


Q: What Is Microchipping?

A: When you have your pet microchipped, the veterinarian places a tiny microchip between your pet's shoulder blades. The microchip contains a unique number that can be scanned while under your pet's skin. The microchip is registered in a national database. The database will contain your pet's name and your contact information. If your pet runs away or gets lost, the veterinarian or animal shelter staff member can scan the chip so they can contact you to retrieve your pet.

Q: Is Microchipping Painful?

A: Microchipping is relatively painless. The veterinarian will use a syringe to implant the microchip. The procedure isn't any more painful than your pet's vaccinations.

Q: What Are the Benefits of Microchipping?

A: There are several good reasons why you should have your pet microchipped.

  • Pets get lost: If your pet escapes from your home or if it runs too far away, it can get lost. If someone picks up your pet and takes it to a shelter, the microchip can be scanned, allowing you to quickly reunite with your pet.
  • Your pet's ownership is in question: If your pet was stolen or if the ownership is in question, the microchip can be scanned to confirm that your pet belongs to you.
  • Tags aren't always effective: Many pet owners put a tag on their pet's collar that includes their phone number. Unfortunately, tags aren't always effective. If your pet gets caught on a branch and the collar or tag comes off, it can be very difficult to be reunited with your pet.
  • Peace of mind: The best reason to have your pet microchipped is peace of mind. When your pet is outdoors, you will not need to worry about it being lost forever. The same is true if your pet escapes from your home.

Q: How Long Does the Microchip Last?

A: The microchips are designed to last for your pet's entire life. If you move or change your contact information, your pet won't need a new microchip. Instead, you would just update your contact information in the lost pet database online for free.

Q: Is Microchipping Expensive?

A: Microchipping is relatively inexpensive. The average cost is around $45 and there is no charge to enter the information in the national database.

Get Your Pet Microchipped in San Antonio, TX

When you bring your new pet home, it will need a variety of veterinary services. If you are considering microchipping your cat or dog, call our team today at (210) 697-9585 or reach us through our website by using our online contact form.