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Vaccines FAQs

Did you know that your pet needs vaccines just like you do? Our veterinary experts at Oaks North Animal Hospital of San Antonio can help you get your pets up-to-date on their vaccines and make sure that your pet stays in good health.


What Are Vaccines?

Vaccines are medical treatments that help boost the immune system. It triggers a protective immune response that allows our pets to naturally build up resistance to common diseases. This treatment reduces the severity of common illnesses in our pets and sometimes prevents the illness entirely.

Are Vaccines That Important for Pets?

Vaccines are very important for pets. Our veterinary staff recommends that you make sure your pet is current with its vaccine schedule. Skipping regular vaccinations can leave your pet vulnerable to preventable illnesses.

Which Vaccines Do Pets Need?

Depending on the species of your pet, it can change the variety of vaccines that are needed. These vaccines can be divided up into two categories known as core vaccines and non-core vaccines.

  • Core Vaccines: These vaccines treat serious conditions that are also very common. Rabies, feline pneumonia, canine distemper, and a variety of other diseases fall under core vaccines. Given how common, and how dangerous, these illnesses can get, it's recommended that you stay up-to-date on these vaccines every year.
  • Non-Core Vaccines: These vaccines depend on the specific condition of your pet. The best way to find out if these are right for your animal is to talk with your veterinarian. Non-core vaccines cover diseases such as kennel cough and others. 

How Often Should Pets Be Vaccinated?

Ideally, you should bring your pet to the vet at least once a year to make sure that their vaccines are current. You can work with our veterinarian to make sure that you are up-to-date with your pet's vaccination schedule. We highly recommend making sure that your pet is up-to-date on their core vaccines and strongly urge you to consider their non-core vaccines as well.

Are There Any Risks

The biggest risk with vaccines is not getting them. Millions of diseases are prevented every year by making sure pets are vaccinated. With that said, every medical procedure carries some level of risk. Talk with your veterinarian about the symptoms of possible allergic reactions that might appear in your specific breed of animal. 

Keep Your Furry Friend Up-To-Date

Is it just about time to bring your pet into the vet for its shots? Perhaps you just got a new pet and you’re unsure as to its specific vaccination schedule. Stop in or call Oaks North Animal Hospital in San Antonio today at (210) 697-9585 to schedule your appointment.