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Microchipping is a relatively new procedure that many pet owners provide for their dogs or cats. If you are interested in having your pet microchipped, contact Oaks North Animal Hospital in San Antonio, TX.


What Is Microchipping?

When a pet is microchipped, the odds of the pet being reunited with its owner increase significantly. A microchip holds a specific serial number that is linked to the owner’s contact information in a national database. If a pet is lost or stolen and then brought to a facility with a chip reader, the owner can be notified without delay. Microchipping also takes away the uncertainty about who a pet belongs to if there is a discrepancy with another pet owner.

How To Prepare For The Procedure

Before a pet is microchipped, it needs an evaluation from your veterinarian. Our veterinarian will examine your pet's body from head to tail to rule out any medical conditions that could cause difficulty for the pet. If there is a medical condition, this is treated before the microchipping is performed. If your pet is healthy, the chip can be inserted during the same appointment.

What Happens During The Process

You will be asked to provide our veterinarian with identification so you can be alerted if your pet is found. This includes your name, phone number, email address, and physical address. Our veterinarian will enter this information into a national database that is linked to an identification number for your pet’s microchip. The microchip is placed into a syringe and inserted underneath your pet's skin. The chip will most likely be placed in the area of your dog or cat's shoulder blades. This is so your pet is unable to access the area without difficulty, making it more likely the chip will remain intact after the insertion.

How To Care For Your Pet After Microchipping

Your pet will only endure mild discomfort during the microchip insertion process. After the chip is in place, the area of the skin around the device may be a bit tender. This will heal quickly and your pet will not be affected by the chip's presence.

Pet Microchipping in San Antonio, TX

If you live in or around San Antonio and would like to know more about microchipping, call Oaks North Animal Hospital today at (210) 697-9585. Our veterinarian is happy to answer any questions you may have about microchipping or veterinary care.