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Pet Dental in San Antonio

Caring for your dog or cat's teeth is every bit as important as looking after the health of the rest of their body. It is wise to make an appointment with the San Antonio veterinary team at Oaks North Animal Hospital for routine pet dental care as well as the handling of pet dental emergencies when they occur. Here is some information about caring for your pet's teeth and how our veterinarian can help.

Why Cleaning Your Pet's Teeth Matters

Many people do not take the time to clean their dog or cat's teeth regularly. Unfortunately, this can lead to a buildup of plaque upon their surfaces. If this remains in place, the plaque will harden and turn into tartar. This is more difficult to remove and causes problems to the underlying areas of a pet's gums if it pushes its way into these areas. In time, tartar will lead to gingivitis and periodontal disease. Our vet will assist by cleaning and scaling your pet's teeth when needed.

How To Clean Your Pet's Teeth

Our veterinarian will recommend cleaning as necessary. It is best, however, to provide cleaning of the teeth at home regularly as well. Invest in a dog or cat toothbrush and meat-flavored toothpaste to do the job. At first, your pet may shy away from the brush as you attempt to remove bacteria from the teeth. If they like the flavor of the paste, they may allow you to brush a tooth or two. Continue trying to brush away debris daily. In time, your pet will look forward to your sessions. If a toothbrush does not work for your pet, consider trying dental wipes instead.

Conditions That Require A Vet Visit

In addition to routine scaling of your pet's teeth, there are some other times when your pet's oral condition requires a visit with our veterinarian for an assessment. If your pet is displaying signs of pain, such as whimpering when trying to eat, or avoiding eating at all, it is best to make an appointment to have its teeth checked over. Cracked or chipped teeth can cause cuts inside of the mouth to occur. If your pet has a misalignment or if a tooth has loosened, pet dental X-rays should be taken and an evaluation conducted by our professional is best. Any bleeding or discharge around a tooth should be handled promptly so an infection does not occur.

If your pet requires dental care, call Oaks North Animal Hospital to make an appointment with our San Antonio veterinary team. Reach out to (210) 697-9585 for pet dental help today.