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Pet Orthopedics

Many cats and dogs will jump on any opportunity to play and run around. That’s why seeing your pet suddenly looking reserved and hesitant to play can be such a surprise. The change in your pet’s behavior may be related to musculoskeletal issues. Thankfully, pet care from our team at Oaks North Animal Hospital in our San Antonio, TX, location could be just what your pet needs.

Pet Orthopedics

Fractured Bones

Pets typically sustain broken bones due to their involvement in accidents, such as suffering a fracture after being struck by a moving vehicle or falling from a great height. Even a seemingly minor incident, like an awkward fall from a piece of furniture, can lead to a broken bone.

The good news is a veterinarian on our team can offer different orthopedic treatments for your pet’s injuries. We may focus first on treatments that alleviate your pet’s discomfort, such as medications, and then provide orthopedics to help your pet heal. If your pet has a broken bone capable of causing further complications, we might treat it using surgery.

Limb Deformities

Some pets have to deal with musculoskeletal issues from the day they are born. That’s the case for pets that are born with limb deformities. Your animal companion can still lead a happy life even with those deformities but you can make things easier for him by seeking pet orthopedics. Allow a veterinarian on our veterinary team to examine your pet’s limb deformity so we can determine which treatment or surgical procedure can properly address it.

Hip Dysplasia

Hip dysplasia is a genetic condition that can be exacerbated by a lack of exercise and a poor diet. Large-breed dogs are also more susceptible to this condition. Since pain and reduced mobility are some of the main symptoms of hip dysplasia, securing immediate treatment for that condition should be your priority.

Torn Ligaments

The field of pet orthopedics also offers treatment solutions for torn ligaments. Like many of the issues we’ve discussed, a torn ligament is often characterized by pain and reduced mobility. Your pet may also start limping around because of that torn ligament.

Ruptured ligaments can be treated with a combination of surgery and rehab. Consult a veterinarian to determine which specific treatment methods can benefit your pet.

Get Pet Orthopedics from a Veterinarian Near You

We offer expert treatments for pet orthopedic issues at Oaks North Animal Hospital. Contact us today or visit our location in San Antonio, TX, if your pet needs orthopedic treatment. Call us at (210) 697-9585 for pet care from a veterinarian near you.